Friday, 18 July 2014

My Inglot Collection

Oh Inglot, what did I do without you? 

I was pretty late to the Inglot party when they first launched in Ireland. I had always heard of them, and heard great things but it wasn't until last year that I took a huge interest. Their products are absolutely fantastic and definitely match up with the likes of MAC or Urban Decay. So far I only have eye products but having completed a make-up course with Inglot, I can confirm their foundations, concealers and pretty much everything else is also top notch. The eye-shadow colour selection is beautiful, with all shadows being highly pigmented and lasting for pretty much the entire day and night. The huge difference between them and MAC/Urban Decay? The price. A single eye shadow costs 6euro. You'd spend that on a sandwich. Compare that to the 12euro you'd spend on a single MAC shadow, with the same amount of quality and you're laughing. Not to say I wouldn't purchase MAC shadows at all, because as a make-up lover I can't get enough of anything. But I do lean more towards Inglot, and have yet to be let down. 

My only little gripe would be that Inglot number their shadows instead of naming them. Which as you will see below, makes it really tricky to reference them. The numbers are printed on the bottom of the pan, and the pans are fairly well secured in the palette, which is great because you can rest assured they aren't going to fall out. However, after many attempts, I can't get these fellas to move. If you are interested in any of the stunning shades below, bring a copy of the photos into any of the stores and the girls will probably be able to distinguish them better than myself. Other than that, I can't fault them at all and really do recommend checking out their range, if you haven't already. (Highly unlikely). The following palettes have been made using the "Freedom system" so you can mix and match with whatever shades you like.

There are 5 different finishes in the Inglot range; Matte, Pearl, DS (double sparkle), AMC and AMC Shine. To be totally honest, I'm not quite sure what the below are until I whip out the pans, apart from the obvious matte ones. I will update this post as soon as I can with all the correct information.

The warm golden smokey eye palette -  

Usually the most requested look, simple but gorgeous.

Pearly white - My inner corner highlight and brow bone shade. Also sometimes use it as a cheekbone and cupids bow highlight.

Yellow Gold - One of the most used shadows in this palette, it goes with just about everything and perfect for enhancing blue eyes.  I also use a pop of it with the palette below to complete the "sunset" vibe.

Matte light brown - My new go-to contour shade for pale skin as it almost has a grey undertone. Absolutely amazing, I use it as a both an eye and a cheek contour. Creates a "natural" contour shadow.

Bronze/Gold brown - This compliments the gold so well, or I also sometimes wear this on its own blended all over the eye for a kind of grungey dark look. It's very richly pigmented and a little goes a long way.

Matte deep brown - I use this as a soft eye liner, a blending colour and also when I want to create a defined socket look.

The sunset eyes palette

A little more daring and the look I'v been wearing every chance I can get.

Pale matte orange - Not something I would usually have gone for but I am so glad I did. The most perfect blending colour, or if you want to go all out, pop it all over the lid. This is a blue eyed girls best friend. 

Dark plum - I'm going to struggle in describing these next 3 shades. I use this for deepening up the corners of a smokey eye. Gorgeous shade with a bit of shimmer.

Light bronze - This is one of those colours that can also work amazingly on  its own applied all over the lid. 

Darker bronze - Yep, I am shite at describing these colours, they are just that amazing. I use a little bit of this on the outer edges of the eye, with the purple, to add more depth. Both this and the light bronze have an almost cranberry/red undertone to add warmth. 

The AMC pure pigment

One of the most amazing products I have ever purchased. Just look at it! I have yet to actually use it with an eye look but judging on the swatches, I know it will be absolutely amazing. This is No. 63, a bronze/orange glitter. Again, blue eyed girls take note. This is to die for. 15euro per pot.

Duraline - 

Inglot describe this as a "waterless clear liquid that transforms any powder into an easy to apply liquid". This would be used to create an eye liner out of any shadow or pared with a pigment, like in the above photo. Genius product for only 10euro.

I'v been wanting to write this post for a while now but felt a bit useless considering I couldn't tell you all what the actual colours were (and how absolutely shite I am at describing said colours...). My apologies and again, I will update this post ASAP. 

Check out the Inglot Ireland team on facebook, twitter, instagram and so on. The pictures will not disappoint!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Brush Time - The Zoeva Collection

I think I love make-up brushes more than I love make-up itself. Which hopefully explains why I have over 50 brushes at this stage and will definitely buy more in the near future.  Or maybe I have an actual problem here but to be fair, it IS the best kind of problem to have. In my opinion anyway. My bank account doesn't really agree but feck it right...? 

What I have discovered down through the years of wearing make-up is no matter how expensive or good it is, without a decent brush you might as well just be slapping it on with a shovel. I got my very first proper make-up brush when I was 13/14 from Clinique. Mammy took my older sisters and I into Debenhams and basically spoiled us rotten. One of the items I got was a flat foundation brush and I still have it, and it is still perfect. That just shows if you take good care of a brush, it will and should last you a long long time. It wasn't until a few years later that I actually had the funds to buy more decent brushes but my collection was starting to build nicely. In January I purchased these Zoeva brushes after lusting for them for weeks, if not months, after featuring them in my Wish List. They were one of the best purchases I ever made.

The quality of these brushes is absolutely amazing for the price. In fact, I would have paid a hell of a lot more than I did. They feel luxurious on the skin and work extremely well. Every single brush in this set is fantastic and I use a good few of them every day. I also use them on clients, which is another reason why i'l be buying more of them. I bought the a set of 15 and then another 2 flat shader brushes and I think it all came to about 110euro including postage. Which in my opinion, is ridiculously good. The brushes arrived on time and were packaged really well, inside little Zoeva pouches that come in so handy when transporting them.

Apologies for the ton of pictures. When I was trying to decide to buy these or not seeing images up close really helped so I hope it does the same for you all! Here is a run through of the brushes; 

127 Luxe sheer cheek - This is an angled brush which is most often used to contour. I use this to apply my highlighter but it can be used for just about anything on the face, even buffing in foundation. 

110 Face shape - This is like a medium shaped foundation brush which again, can be used for pretty much everything. It probably is most often used to create a contour however, I use a RT brush for that. Instead I use this to apply fine powder right underneath my eye area as the size is perfect. 

106 Powder - The giant of the collection is this amazingly soft powder brush. This could probably be used to apply a dusting of bronzer too but I use it just for translucent powder as I don't need to be precise with the application. I bring this brush with me everywhere. 

102 Silk Finish - The next size up from the 110, this is a basic foundation brush which I use to really buff the product into the skin. Its extremely soft and applies foundation like a dream. Could also be used to apply powder or creams. Another everyday brush. 

104 Buffer - This is one of the brushes I wouldn't reach for everyday as it tends to be way too big to apply foundation to the face. However, as is intended, it does a great job of buffing in a product, it just might be a bit tricky to get into the nose/eye area.

142 Concealer buffer - The baby sized 102 and 110. I use this for buffing in concealer around my eye area and onto any blemishes. Could probably be used to create a strong contoured cheek, or even to contour the nose as it is small enough to be precise. 

228 Crease - This brush is definitely another favourite. I use it to contour my nose and sometimes my cheeks if I want a more defined look, or if I want a sweep of colour on the eye. This is an excellent blending brush and I can't fault it at all. An ever so slightly smaller version of this would be brilliant too. 

227 Soft definer - I can't get enough of this brush and will probably buy them in bulk next time. SO soft but still strong enough to blend the product really well. Perfect size too, this is definitely one of my favourites. 

234 Smoky shader - As I mentioned, I bought an extra 2 of these as its always good to have a few flat shader brushes. Does exactly what it says on the tin basically, picks up product really well and helps to blend out the product into the eye socket, or the lower lash line.

230 Luxe pencil - Not one I'd reach for on a daily basis but excellent for precision when doing a defined socket look, or blending out a shadow on the lower lash line.

231 Petit crease - Again, wouldn't use it every day but a must have when doing a smokey eye, or along with the pencil brush, a defined socket. 

321 Brow comb - Can't say a whole lot about a brow comb other than it does its job well. This is another brush I'd bring everywhere with me, even on days when i'm not wearing make-up, tidy brows are a must. 

317 Wing liner - As stated, this brush is meant to be used to apply liner but I actually prefer it for my brows. The bristles are quite firm which means this is so fecking good to apply powder to the brows and making a precise line. Best brow brush I have found so far.

315 Fine liner - The crooked handle makes this really easy to apply a fine line, and a wing. The size is excellent for when you only want the tinest of lines. I especially love this for when i'm applying liner right into the inner corner or when I tightline. 

238 Precise shader - I haven't actually used this brush yet, which is a bit bizarre. It's lovely and soft but still small and firm enough to apply shadow right on the lower lash line, or even a bit of highlight to the inner corner. 

15 brushes in a collection (not counting the extra 2 I bought) for 88euro, working out at about 6euro per brush? Amazing, just amazing. I highly recommend you check out this brand who are celebrating their 5th birthday today! 

Colour. Love. Makeup.

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