Monday, 26 May 2014

My Rimmel Lip

This is a follow up post to My Nude Lip, which features a lipgloss and lipstick from MAC. As mentioned in that post, "what are you wearing on your lips?" is something I'm asked quite a bit so I thought I'd write up a post on a few products that are way easier on the pocket but can look just as good. If you can stretch your pennies and splash out on MAC, then go ahead but a lot of us (me included) can't always justify spending the guts of 40euro on two products. Slightly more important things, like food, have to be bought. Sadly. 

I absolutely love Rimmel. I would use at least two of their products on my face, on a daily basis. (Today - Match Perfection foundation and one of their amazing little eyebrow pencils). The prices are ridiculously good for the quality of their products and when I'm asked what high-street brand I'd recommend, usually Rimmel would be up there at the top. I can do a separate post on all things Rimmel if anyone is interested, but for now I'l stick with these four lip products, in fear of boring you all with my nattering.

First up, the Kate Moss lipsticks are an absolute dream. Hats off to both Kate and Rimmel for this one. A deadly selection of colours in different finishes, what more could you want? I bought "No.8" months ago and used it to death up until it ran out and I then decided to buy my MAC one. It's a really lovely rose colour (I am clearly fantastic at describing colours), a lot more pink than I had originally wanted but I obviously liked it so much that I didn't care. It suited my natural lip tone quite well and was enough to brighten my face up a bit on days when I looked like shite. (Everyday, basically). Paired with Apocalips lipgloss in the shade "Celestial" and it was enough to be deemed a sort of statement lip, in my opinion anyways. These glosses/lacquers are probably one of Rimmels greatest collections, seriously opaque and last for ages. If, a little drying. 

Now for the nude, which will resemble my MAC one the most. I'm hit and miss with this one as for me it's lacking just a little something. Don't get me wrong, both products are great but it's just not as nice as the MAC, maybe because "Love Nectar" lipgloss contains tiny bits of gold fleck that I am completely obsessed with. But for a "budget" nude lip, you can't go wrong. The "No.3" lipstick itself is gorgeous and I actually pop it into my bag on a nightout, as its not as expensive to replace if when I lose it. Why does that always happen? Always. The lipgloss, being Apocalips in "Nude Eclipse" is, as you can see in the swatch, a seriously nude/beige colour. I'v heard of many people not getting along with this product as admittedly, it can be far too pale and just not flattering. I think the key is to not use too much, a small dab in the centre of the lip and spread out is plenty, dodging the "concealer" lip look. 

All Rimmel products can be purchased just about anywhere; Boots, Pharmacies and even some supermarkets. 

Kate Moss Lipsticks - 6.99euro
Apocalips Lipglosses - 7.95euro

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