Monday, 21 April 2014

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle

MAC Soft and Gentle

  Apologies in advance to your bank accounts, because this is another product which you HAVE to buy. It's one of those make-up products that made me freak out and think about it for days/weeks on end until it was mine. Then when I did buy it, it took me about a week to use because it was so pretty. I didn't want to dig in and start using it because that would mean eventually it would all be gone. And I couldn't bare to think of that. Sad? Absolutely.

MAC Soft and Gentle Swatch

MAC Soft and Gentle

However, I did manage to get over myself and my pathetic ways because I haven't gone a day without wearing this. Well at least on the days when I do actually wear make-up which is probably about 4 days out of 7. I purchased this back in late Jan/early Feb, it featured in my haul post here. It's now almost May and as mentioned, I wear this all the time. I have also used it on every client I have had since so you'd expect it to have a nice little dent from over-use, but it hasn't. Its still very much in tact so for the cost of just under 30euro, you will get your moneys worth, and more. 

MAC Soft and Gentle

The reason it's lasted so long is because you only need the tiniest amount of this product. Just  dab/sweep your brush in gently and you have enough to highlight your cheekbones and cupids bow, which is what I use it for. MAC state that you can use this an an overall powder for a dewy effect but I personally wouldn't because as you will see in the picture below, it gives a serious amount of shine. Putting that all over my face would be a disaster considering I have oily/shiny skin already. Although, it would look quite nice with an even tinier* amount than before brushed down the center of your nose and forehead for a subtle glow. 

MAC Soft and Gentle vs Benefit Watts Up

Out of the 3 highlighting products I own and use, this has come out on top. I love Benefit's Watts Up, however it is slightly more golden so would suit darker complexions. I also sometimes use one of my inglot eyeshadows as a highlight, just for handiness because it's already in a quad with my other inglot shadows but I prefer this more as an inner eye highlight as its quite pale, almost white. A good one for the paler girls though. Soft and Gentle, colour wise is a tricky one. I'm sat on my bed writing this post having a good gawk at it while trying to decide what colour it actually is. I'd say pinky/almost bronzey but I'l let the swatches and the pictures in this post do the talking because you are probably bored of my blabbering at this point. 

MAC Soft and Gentle can be purchased at any MAC counter/website or over at Brown Thomas for 29.50euro

*Warning, you may resemble a disco ball so please for the love of God only use a tiny amount.

MAC Soft and Gentle

MAC Soft and Gentle

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Clinique - Take The Day Off - Cleansing Balm

I am in absolute awe of this product. Seriously, I might as well cut short this review because I have only one thing to say - BUY IT. 

Basically what this genius (I may or may not have spelled genius wrong before it was autocorrected. Ahem.) product does is take your make-up off. A fairly straight forward task that we all do every single day. For me, it was a total pain. I'd mess between wipes, micellar water, (that Garnier one isn't too bad though) and then have to double cleanse on top of that to feel at ease, knowing my face was completely clean. My face was clean, but felt damaged, red and sore afterwards and for months this technique did nothing to improve my skin, only simply act as a way of taking away the layers of crap I had chucked onto it. It didn't enhance anything good.

This Clinique balm is the easiest, most simple cleanser ever. AND, it has improved my skin so much that I have only worn a tiny bit of concealer on a daily basis, feeling almost confident. I even looked alright with no make-up on at all, apart from the dreaded hangover eyes over the weekend. I am someone who needs a hell of a lot of make-up to feel good, so that should say a lot about this product.

To be totally honest, I wouldn't have heard about this at all if it wasn't for the absolute surge of reviews it's received over the last few months. I tried Clinique products for my skin before, and loved them, but hadn't the money to go back. I'm the type to spend more on covering up my skin rather than improving it, but I am trying to overturn that. The woman on the Clinique counter in Brown Thomas Dublin said they couldn't get over how popular the product became over night (or over a few weeks). I'm not actually sure when the product was released and how long it's been on the market but it seems to have been a hidden gem until now.

I'm going to get back to how easy it is to use- you literally just scoop some of the semi-hard balm out of the (really fancy looking tub) and apply it to dry skin, in my case, right on top of make-up. Now all you have to do is massage it in and it turns into a silky fluid oil that cleanses away every last trace of make-up. Apart from waterproof mascara but to be fair, only baby oil seems to do that job. Your made -up face will just disappear as you cleanse and then rinse with warm water. IT IS INCREDIBLE. I peered into the mirror after using it and instead of being genuinely frightened by the sight of my face, I actually gasped a little and dare I say it checked out how great my skin looked. It wasn't angry and red, it was calm and normal coloured, I suppose you could say? It also felt amazing, I doubt I'v had skin that soft since I was a baby and it was probably the skin on my arse. 

Il end the review on that note. If you want to treat yourself and your skin (gowaaaaaaaaan) then I really would recommend buying this product for 28euro on any Clinique counter. 

Note: I have checked Clinique's own website and it is sold out, as is everywhere except Brown Thomas Dublin, the woman said they have heaps of the shiny purple tubs just screaming out to be bought. Do it, thank me later.