Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My Nude Lip

The most frequently asked question on my Instagram account is, what am I wearing on my lips. 9 times out of 10, I am wearing a nude lip and since the end of January, its been these two little fellas from MAC. Beforehand I had gotten through an entire tube of the No.8 lipstick from the Kate Moss Rimmel collection and loved it but it was way too pink for what I was looking for.

 I went into MAC, thinking I would pick up Snob, Hue or Creme Cup, all probably the most well known nudes that MAC offer. Instead, one of the girls suggested I tried Blankety, a slightly darker nude which she thought reminded her of a classic Sophia Loren/Bridget Bardot lip. I'm glad I got assistance in picking this shade out as I reckon the others would have been a bit too pale for me, although I probably will buy them eventually to test out. I absolutely love this lipstick and as I said in my haul post, I will end up buying this every 2 months or so, as i'm already running low on the tube I have because I wear it that often. It is an amplified creme formula so this stuff is really creamy and literally glides onto the lips with no dragging, while also being really opaque. I tend to line my lips with No7 Nude Lip Liner and then lash this all over. 

 Kerry, the lovely MAC assistant, applied Love Nectar over Blankety and I instantly fell in love, shoving the thoughts of my bank balance to the back of my mind. Its a gorgeous warm beige/pink with tiny bits of golden glitter running throughout it which gives what MAC describes as an "apricot" tone. Normally I would run a mile from anything apricot-y/orange-y but I don't find this to be over baring at all. Love Nectar is a lustreglass so this stuff is SUPER shiny and not too thick but not too thin. It has a lip brush applicator which I find so much better than the doe-foot applicators. I wish MAC would introduce them into the lipglasses as well because it makes application way easier and gives an even coat all over the lips. Some reviews suggest you have to keep applying layers of this to get the lustreglass effect but I honestly think more than one coat of this would be too much. However, I never usually bother wear this on its own because when worn with Blankety it is pretty much perfect and if i'm going to bother put anything on my lips I might as well go all out and lash on both. 

I can not recommend these two enough. Definitely a re-purchase.

Blankety Lipstick - 19euro
Love Nectar Lipgloss - 18euro

You can purchase both from Brown Thomas, BT2 or any MAC counter.

Swatches (with flash)

Wearing Blankety and Love Nectar

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