Friday, 28 March 2014

MaxFactor Facefinity Flawless Foundation

Yep, another foundation. Nope, I still haven't found my holy grail.

That's not to say I don't like this foundation. It is actually quite good for a "drugstore" or cheaper product. I have read tons of excellent reviews and MaxFactor do release fairly decent products, to be fair. My skin is an absolute pain and foundation just doesn't seem to sit well on it. So bare that in mind when reading this little review. What doesn't work for me, might just work for you.

It took me a few months to even remember I owned this foundation. I'm fairly certain I bought it while I was in London (last May?!) for the weekend because I had forgotten to pack my own. ( I woke up the morning of that flight with a ridiculous hangover. My 18th birthday was the day before. Makes sense.) I went into Boots and as far as I remember I picked up this, the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and the Collection concealer, which is a brilliant little trio for a reasonable amount of money. However, I didn't spend those few days testing out foundation and checking in on the state of it every few hours because I was in London and had more interesting things to look at. So when I got back home I probably just fecked it into my massive make-up box for it to only resurface when I ran out of my Bourjois Healthy Mix, but then to be replaced again by my Rimmel Match Perfection

I haven't shown it a lot of love. I'v worn it a few times and just hated the sight of my face but that could have just been because of, well, my face. So today (or yesterday or whenever I actually post this), I decided to give it a proper lash after giving my friend a sample of it, and after trying it out on a client. I applied it at around 9am, using my Collection concealer underneath to cover the mess that is my skin. The coverage this foundation gives with the concealer is actually pretty fantastic. It covered all redness and marks really well but as a result it looked cakey. And I didn't even apply loads of layers, I just used one pump. This is where I was let down. I have naturally quite oily skin so dryness is never an issue but this foundation just seemed to cling onto dry skin I didn't notice I had and caked around the corners of my mouth, under my eyes, etc. 

For the sake of this review I kept it on, wanting to see how long it would last and how long it would take for my oiliness to peek through. By 1pm it was still intact, perfect, or "cakey", no sign of oiliness. By 5pm I was a bit shiny but I actually thought it made the foundation look better. It wasn't so matte and dry looking and I looked healthy. So that was a nice surprise. Its coming up to 9pm as I'm writing this and obviously by this stage I'm looking fairly oily but i'v seen worse, and i'm about to wash it off anyways. But that says a lot about this foundation, considering I applied it at 9am, and didn't even use a setting powder. It reminds me a bit of Revlon Colourstay, in terms of coverage and longevity.

The longevity is there, the coverage is there but this is definitely not going to look great on dry skinned people. Yes, it did look better after a few hours wear which is sometimes the case with foundation but for me, I want something to look amazing when applied, and still look fairly alright when I take it off after a long day. This is probably a bit unreasonable of me but I am a tiny bit obsessed with foundations and have been searching for the perfect base for years now. 

As for the 3-in-1 aspect (foundation, primer, concealer) I suppose it did sort of live up to that. Foundation? Yes. Concealer? It gives good coverage so, yes. Primer? It had good lasting power, which is one of the things a primer is meant to do, so another yes. It does what it says on the tin really, it just didn't do it for me and my crappy, annoying skin. 

If you're going to give this foundation a try I'd suggest using a really great moisturizer underneath, and exfoliate beforehand to buff away even the slightest of dry skin. I'm going to try out a few different moisturizers and primers with this foundation, to try be a bit more fair with my review because I know it has worked really well on some people so I'm not going to chuck it away just yet.

As for shades, I have this in "warm almond", and above you will see what its like compared to my other foundation shades. MaxFactor are usually pretty good with giving a wide range of colours to suit a lot of people, which is another plus for this. I probably could have done with going a shade lighter, just because I did have to bring this a good bit down my neck to blend. 

This foundation is 17euro and available in Boots. 

Let me know if you have tried this, if you like it or not and if you had the same experience as me.

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  1. This foundation really works for me! I think I'm lucky that I haven't had the same issues as you!

    1. Ah I'm delighted it works well for you!! Almost anyone i'v talked to or who have reviewed it absolutely adore it so I really think it's just me and my annoying skin. I haven't fully given up on it just yet!! (apologies for my late reply, i really must check the comments more often! Thank you for reading! )