Friday, 29 November 2013

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

There's nothing I love more than purchasing a new foundation and giving it a test drive. As you all probably know by now, I am a big make-up junkie but it seems my collection has more foundation than anything else. I'v done a few posts on different foundations already (and they were viewed by more than i expected!) so i figured I would continue to give my opinions on whatever I can get my hands on. Check out my reviews on the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and on the hugely popular Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundations, let me know if you found them helpful.

Rimmel Match Perfection has been on the market for a year at least and I really am kicking myself that I only purchased it now. I LOVE IT. Which, I am very pleasantly surprised by. If you read my last foundation posts you will know that I am extremely fussy when it comes to what I slap onto my face. I expect a lot; lasting power, enough coverage to hide "imperfections" but not for it to look cakey, a nice dewiness but not for it to make me look even more oily and for it to not oxidize on my shite skin and make it look, well, even more shite. 

I'm not going to excite you all and say this foundation is now my holy grail product. But, it is quite good, especially for the price. In fact, I probably would have paid a lot more for it. It feels like an expensive product on the skin which is obviously quite a lovely feeling from something that is about 10euro. 

My thoughts;

It is a dream to apply and blend, I use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush (check out my brush post here for more). It has buildable coverage- I assumed it was going to be really lightweight and not cover anything. I have a fair bit of redness and acne, along with scarring and this stuff really did do a good job at hiding it. I would suggest using a concealer if you have loads to cover, I use Collection(2000).

It lasts a lot longer than any other high street foundation I'v tried. My first time using this was when I was going to work as I knew it was a perfect opportunity to really test its staying power. I worked a 6 hour shift but in total I'd say I had this on for a good 9 hours. Yes, I got a little bit shiny on my t-zone but sure, whats new? I applied powder once during the day which is a fairly standard procedure for the majority of us but asides from that, my face actually looked alright. Shocking, I know.

There's some sort of "science-y" thing to this foundation "advanced smart tone technology" which i'm not even going to pretend I understand... Anyway, it means that the foundation is meant to work with your skin to blend into its natural colour. Or something. How it does that, I haven't a fecking clue. But I did notice it blended fairly seamlessly down onto my neck. Now, as far as I know there's only 8 shades available in this foundation so the "match perfection" thing would want to work! It also claims to be enhanced with Sapphire Radiance to give a light reflecting effect, which I find to be the perfect amount of dewiness. Another little plus is that it has an SPF of 18, which is excellent but not so excellent when taking photographs so be careful.

 Just like the product, the packaging is up there with the higher end products. It comes in a fancy glass bottle with a pump and it doesn't look cheap or tacky at all. What more could you ask for? 

Apologies for these crap pictures!

For reference: I use the shade 100 Ivory which I assume is the palest. Also, I have oily skin with a few dry patches and this foundation works well with both although I have read that it isn't great for extremely oily/dry skin so just be aware of that. 

For a product that's about 10euro - good job Rimmel, good job.

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  1. I love this foundation! I'm currently using the 3rd darkest shade but think i need to go a shade lighter, i find the ivory colour a little too pale for me :(