Wednesday, 27 November 2013

MAC Lipstick - Rebel

My very first MAC lipstick, how I went this long without even trying one amazes me. They are probably the "go-to" brand when searching for a lipstick and I now understand why. They produce great products that do really deliver. I'm not a huge MAC-head, i'v always wanted to but rarely purchase from them, probably because they can be quite expensive but my view has now changed and I already have plans to buy about 20 more lipsticks and am dreaming about owning an entire eyeshadow palette. Someday Aisling, someday.

For the last few months Rebel was on my mind. I wanted a dark plum lipstick but wasn't really sure if I'd have the balls to wear it. I'v probably seen every single picture on google of people wearing it (and looking amazing doing so) and every single picture of a celebrity (Lily Collins, you babe) rocking a dark lip but I still didn't want to buy a tube in case it looked shite on me. Plus, I couldn't afford to splash 20 squids on a product that I may only use once. 

I am delighted I finally went into Brown Thomas and bought it. I'v worn it twice so far, the first time when I was at home when nobody could see me and then the other day I ventured out of the house with it on, although I was fairly paranoid. Now, I may have actually looked shite to other people but I liked it and sure apparently that's all that matters. 

Rebel is marketed as being a "midtonal plum", not too dark and not too light which is fairly spot on. It looks shockingly dark in the bullet but when applied it isn't actually that dramatic. Rebel is a dark berry shade with hints of shimmer (although I didn't really notice them) and a slight blue undertone which I was trilled with because dark shades aren't usually forgiving towards teeth that haven't been bleached white by Hollywood. It stayed on me throughout the night (although I didn't have any drinks) and wasn't overly drying on my lips but I would definitely suggest making sure your lips are well moisturized before applying any lip product. Hello, Vaseline. 

What I really like about this shade is that it seems to suit just about anyone, no matter what skin tone/hair colour you have which makes this a perfect product to add to your make-up kit if you're a make-up artist. It's also really buildable so if you wanted a less dramatic look, apply with your fingers to sheer it out. Want to vamp it up? Apply it directly from the bullet, which is what I did. I used my trusty No7 lipliner in the shade "nude" underneath, but I will definitely be picking up a lipliner in a shade similar to the lipstick as it would probably be a bit easier to apply then. 

In the picture below I did use a filter on Instagram (shame on me) but it didn't alter the shade too much and I actually think it is more true to the colour than before. I paired it with a very minimal, neutral eye look only contouring the eye (using my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette) and applying a bit of liquid eyeliner and mascara. I'v seen this lipstick paired with more dramatic eye looks and it looks just as nice so you can alter it to whatever mood you're in. I can't wait to pair it with a really dark smokey eye, so keep an eye out for pictures.

Filters are my best friend.

Last week I also got my hair cut, finally! My hair grows ridiculously quick and it becomes a total pain in the arse to wash and keep it looking presentable so I'm much happier now that it's a fair bit shorter. What do you all think? I haven't gone blonde yet as I'm still indecisive about it, and I don't have the funds at the moment.

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  1. I love this lipstick so much. It is just amazing!

  2. Love the colour, it looks great on you!