Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Best Make-Up Brushes?

This was a requested post and I had absolutely no idea how to approach it. 

What are the best make-up brushes available at the moment? And do they compare to their price? In the last number of years there have been so many new companies with fantastic quality brushes, and many with extremely reasonable price tags too. 

I'l start the post off by showing you all of my make-up brushes. I have a mixture of expensive brushes and not as expensive brushes ranging from Mac, Clinique, Benefit and Urban Decay to Real Techniques and even cheap "no brand" brushes that I use daily and have done for the last year. My collection is small and I have been dying to expand it, starting with adding more blending brushes as I really want to improve the look of my smokey eye look and feel it is definitely down to the brush used.

My little collection of brushes.

Now, onto the recommended brushes. I wanted to try and find the most affordable, but still good quality brushes, as I certainly don't have a huge budget at the moment.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics 
The first company, that has gotten great feedback is Blank Canvas Cosmetics, an Irish brand. I'v been going through their website in preparation for this post and their brushes look incredible, with prices as low as 6.99 for a blending brush. One of their products I'v heard the most about is the Double Ended Eyebrush Set. This comes with 5 items, so basically 10 brushes, that are great quality and more than enough brushes for any eye look. It is priced at 64.99, which may seem like a lot of money at first but you are getting 10 brushes so in my opinion, it's a fair price.

Another Irish brand that I'v heard about in the last year is Nima Brushes. Unfortunately I have no brushes of theirs yet, but the reviews I have come across have all been great. You can pick up a 7 piece essential brush set for 65euro which is perfect for a starter kit and includes a really handy cylinder holder. It contains a powder brush, a blush brush, a duo fibre foundation brush (which I highly recommend), a concealer brush, a small angle brush, a crease brush, a pencil brush and an eyeliner brush. Pretty much everything you need for the entire face. If your budget is slightly higher there is a 12 piece professional brush set for 90euro, amazing price for the amount of brushes you receive.

Zoeva, a German company, have always stood out to me as being really good quality with the best prices I have seen so far. Their Eye Definition Set contains 6 synthetic bristle brushes for 20euro. There is a shader, precise shader, smudger, crease, pencil and fine liner brush included and what I love the most about this, they are all Vegan. This set is at the top of my current wishlist and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Crown Brushes
It wasn't until recently that I came across Crown Brushes. These are marketed at professional use but with trade prices, which is pretty fair. I was really excited to have a stalk of their website and was so surprised at their prices. The Stiff Tapered Crease brush that I have been longing for is under 4euro and is one of their best selling products. When I can, I will definitely be buying these in bulk as you always need multiple crease/blending brushes when doing make-up, especially if you are an actual make-up artist. Their brush sets seem to be equally good value, with the 7 Piece HD Set catching my eye instantly. This set contains 6 Nylon bristle brushes with a double sided spatula and a metal mixing palette for under 38euro. 

Real Techniques
The last company I recommend is Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman. I actually own a lot of these brushes and can honestly say, they are fantastic. I own the Core Collection Set, the Starter Set for Eyes and the Stippling Brush. I wouldn't be without the Contour brush and the Buffing brush included in the Core Collection. These are so ideal for a perfect flawless base. In the Starter Set, I only really use 3 of the 5 brushes; the Base Shadow, the Deluxe Crease (perfect for blending under eye concealer) and the Accent brush, which I use for highlighting in the tear duct area of the eye. I will definitely do a full review on these brushes if anyone is interested. They are available to buy in Boots Pharmacies, however I would recommend checking out Cloud10Beauty because they are slightly cheaper to purchase there, and they are often on sale.


  1. great post lovely. Would have liked to see more pics of your brush collection too!! xx

  2. I love the colour of this brush set! Its girly & fun. They sound like great value for money.Wao what an amazing collection. It reminds me of the brushes my sister bought from they are extremely amazing but she is not giving to me for carrying to my home... :(
    Can you please give some discount over it. Me also want to buy it....