Tuesday, 3 September 2013

How I Remove My Make-Up (Face & Eyes)

I used to be that person that used make-up "remover" wipes everyday. Nothing else.

And I wonder why I had bad skin?

I was hooked on the Boots own brand cucumber scented ones, they were cheap and I assumed they did the job. I was very wrong. These things, like pretty much all make-up removal wipes, are pure shite.

They were good for absolutely nothing, and I used them for YEARS. 

Eventually I copped on that this wasn't the correct way to remove make-up and it wasn't the correct way to care for my skin.

I moved onto cleansing lotions, which I personally love. They are grand for doing the job and depending obviously on what brand you go for, they are reasonably priced too.

The one I use is Garnier Soothing Cleansing Lotion. Its about 4euro and the bottle will last ages. I found that using this and a face clothe would remove even Estee Lauder Double Wear and other extremely heavy bases. After I remove all my make-up I go and "double cleanse" with whatever face-wash I'm testing out at that time. 

For eye make-up I use Johnson's Baby Oil (3euro) poured onto a little cotton pad and gently swipe this over my eye area. I tend to need about two cotton pads per eye, especially if I'm wearing a smokey eye look. This stuff is incredible. It doesnt leave a trace of make-up, including waterproof mascara. I mentioned in my last post that it even manages to get rid of gel eyeliner which is almost impossible. Apparently Johnson's Baby Oil also helps to make your eyelashes healthy and longer so it really is a perfect product.

UPDATE- Clodagh on Instagram (follow her @cloclokerface) has told me that Johnson's Baby Oil can cause irritation to the eyes after continued use and overuse, so using too much for one go. Thanks a million for this Clodagh, as I wasn't aware of this at all! Personally the oil doesn't irritate me but I must stress that I do only use about 2-3 drops per cotton pad. Definitely be wary though, as everyone can react differently. 

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