Friday, 2 August 2013

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

Estee Lauder Double Wear

After reading copious amounts of reviews, I fell in love. 

I was young, naïve and had typical teenage skin (aka, absolutely shite skin). This foundation answered all of my prayers: it was very full coverage and it was long lasting so my face wouldn't look like a melting crayon at the end of an 8 hour school day. I was delighted

Within about a week of doing my research I made the trip into Brown Thomas in Dublin and purchased my shade. The lovely woman at the counter was basically God in my eyes.

At first, all I could see were the Pros of this foundation;

·  Managed to cover ALL of my spots, acne scarring and redness.
·  It was a pretty decent colour match, (as decent as a pale Irish-skinned girl can get).
·  It was completely matte, so my horrible oily t-zone was banished.
·  It blended reasonably well with a good stippling brush.
·  It didn't oxidise on my skin.
·  It made me look airbrushed.

It sounds perfect, right? And for many people it IS the perfect foundation. 

My go to shades; Ecru 1N1 and Bone 1W1

For 3 years I used this foundation noticing only a few Cons;

·  At first it feels sticky to apply.
·  It has no pump so creates a terrible mess on the back of your hand.
·It feels very heavy, almost like a mask. (Although, I desired this effect at the start of my DW journey).
·  It is a NIGHTMARE to take off at night. I swear you need bleach. (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME).
·  It has SPF 10 so in photographs; you will look like a ghost.

However, I decided to look past these Cons and continue using and loving it. That was until I noticed my skin would be horrible the following day. For 2 years I blamed my stressful life for causing new breakouts but at the back of my mind I did consider that Double Wear was the actual reason. I had NEVER had as bad skin before, not since I was about 12 and hormones were flying all over the place.

Currently using shade Bone 1W1

My gorgeous friend Laura (@loldoyle21)  filled me in on why Estee Lauder Double Wear was causing my skin to go insane…

·  It didn’t let my skin breathe throughout the day.
·  It was so heavy that it clogged my already infected pores.
·  It was so thick that I would struggle to remove it at night, leaving behind trails of make-up that would stay on my skin.
·  And finally, it contained silicone: a huge NO-NO for acne sufferers.

I was heartbroken. I had to admit that this gorgeous foundation did not suit my skin and I had to begin my journey of finding my Holy Grail foundation all over again. I was exhausted just thinking about it.

I have yet to find that foundation, and until I do I will continue to use and adore my Double Wear. Yes, it ruins my skin but at the moment, it’s the only foundation that suits my busy lifestyle and desperate need for full coverage.

I need to stress that not everybody will have bad reactions with this foundation. I am just one of the unlucky ones. I do encourage everyone to try it, especially for occasions where you want to have that “perfect skin” look (just be wary of flash photography).  However, acne sufferers like myself, BE WARNED.

Double Wear comes in a 30ml bottle, so containing 1 fl. oz. It is priced at around 30 to 35 euro and a bottle lasts for months. I like to apply it using my Real Techniques buffing brush, lightly sprayed with Avene Thermal Water to make it blend easier. 

Have you used this foundation? 
Have you noticed similar reactions?
What is your Holy Grail foundation?

My much loved Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundations


  1. If you love the coverage of double wear I'd say go for lancomes tent idole ultra 24! All the perks with no horrible cons! :) xx

    1. Il be sure to check it out!! thanks so much for reading, tune in again, more posts on the way! :) x

  2. my mum used doublewear for years and loved it but said the exact same thing- it was impossible to remove!! loved your first blog post, cant wait for the next one x

    1. It is like cement!!!! Il have a make up removal post coming up that she might find helpful! thank you so much, im very flattered. :) x

  3. I wore double wear light for years and found it brill as it would still be on your skin by the end of the day and gave good coverage. Did you try it? Now I wear lancome teint idole just cos I can buy it locally so thats handy but its not as good coverage. Great post :)

  4. I think the two foundations on the outside are fakes, that could be why your skin reacted, they have a different logo and the writing is in white, I've just bought one that is a counterfeit, I didn't pay a really low price either or an auction website, the shade is way darker than the original and it's much more fluid, not going to use it as I don't know what is in it.

  5. You are right, the bottles with white letters are all fakes