Friday, 16 August 2013

All About My Eyebrows

I have shite eyebrows. 

Before treatment. 

They are possibly one of the things I hate most about my face and that list is a very long one. Eyebrows are so so SO important to not only frame your face but also to open up your eyes.

I have had issues with my eyebrows since I was about 14 I think. That may seem ridiculous but I was a bit obsessed with trying to be perfect back then, (clearly, I failed!).

It took me a while to figure out what I hated the most about them. It wasn't the shape, that was alright, and it wasn't the thickness/thinness because I never over plucked or felt the need to. I eventually realised it was the direction of the growth. This is not something that many people even notice, I asked my Mam and she said that she has never even thought about what way her eyebrow hair grows and so I probably sounded a bit crazy…

I knew my problem, yet I couldn't fix it. I could pluck away at stray hairs and shape my eyebrows nicely but still the bloody hairs would face downwards and it drove me insane, especially because it meant they were extra noticeable in photographs. (WHY!?)
I thought about going to get my eyebrows groomed for years. Except I never really trusted anyone with them so I held off and plus, brow treatments can be pricey!

Before treatment. The arch was awful.

However, there is one woman I can say has made the most amazing difference in my life, (that probably sounds extremely sad…) or at least as far as my eyebrows and general happiness with my face is concerned and who is worth every single penny you spend and more.

This fantastic woman is called Lorna Farrelly and she is one half of the gorgeous Farrelly sisters, aka, The Brow Artists. Along with their highly professional team, these girls maintain probably the majority of Dublin’s brows (or those lucky enough to have discovered them). They are so excellent that there is a waiting list of a few months just to get an appointment. If that doesn’t make you want to check them out, I don’t know what will. Although, I will include before and after pictures of my brows so you can all see that I’m not just trying to be an absolute lickarse!

My very first brow grooming appointment was with Lorna on the 28th of May (so very sad that I remember the date…). I literally counted down the days. It was also the week before my Leaving Cert but I decided getting my brows to look good was my main priority…
 I opted for the “Perfect Brow Shape Treatment”, which is basically one that lasts 3 to 4 weeks and I can definitely confirm that. I went in on such a buzz and Lorna has got to be the SWEETEST woman I have ever met. She is an absolute doll. With the most amazing eyebrows, obviously!

Lorna knew straight away the problem with my eyebrows. The arch was too high, they weren't long enough and of course, the down turning hair which surprisingly is only often seen on Asian women.  She straight away got to work and I have to say, it was the most relaxing hour of my life. Lorna tweezed, plucked, threaded and trimmed my eyebrows to the shape that suited my face. She then went in with some dye that would just help fill in the gaps.

I think I cried when I finally looked in the mirror. This woman is an absolute God. I'm almost certain I told her that I loved her (real smooth, Aisling…) and just stared in the mirror for ages.


My face was completely changed. It was framed and so accentuated my (serious lack) of bone structure. The arches of my brows had been softened so I didn't have that “I hate everyone and everything” look in my eyes constantly. Also, they had been trimmed and dyed so the down turning hair wasn't even visible. I was fecking delighted and would have paid Lorna a lot more than 45euro, which is the cost of the “Perfect Brow Shape Treatment”. This may seem slightly pricier than Benefits Brow Bar which I think is 20 – 30euro but absolutely nobody else would do as good a job as Lorna.

My next appointment was the 14th of August but unfortunately, it was cancelled. However I will be back into the girls ASAP! Until then, I will do my best at maintaining them myself, which I can post about if anyone is interested. (The Rimmel eyebrow pencil is fantastic).

Lorna, Liz and the girls are based in Ranelagh, Dublin and also offer an 18-24 month “Semi-Permanent Brow Shape” which would obviously take more time and money but is something Lorna suggested I think about because my hair is down turned. (I am currently saving for it!).

To make bookings email them:

I would advise to do it quickly because these girls are highly sought after as they have a huge celebrity fan base including BINTM finalist Holly Carpenter, Louise Johnston and Holly Keating, all stunning girls with perfect eyebrows. 


  1. Why are you so perfect? Dammmmmn those eyebrows! Jealous!! x

    1. its only the eyebrows that are perfect ;)x

    2. As if! :) .. #model #hashtagwascompulsory x

  2. Wow those eyebrows! If I ever travel to Dublin I am booking in!!! you look gorgeous doll x

    1. I would recommend travelling to Dublin just to get them done!!! :) x

  3. Oo I love a good eyebrow post :).
    You look stunning, eyebrows are so important in framing the face - you are so right!

    1. Ohmygod I am awful at replying to comments. My apologies! Glad you liked it :)
      Will definitely check out your blog! X

    2. Ohmygod I am awful at replying to comments. My apologies! Glad you liked it :)
      Will definitely check out your blog! X

  4. I am abig fan of Lorna! She's literally the eyebrow guru, she's done my eyebrows a few times now and completely rehabilitated them! Amazing ��